Layout Settings

All layout settings handled in Redux store, see src/store/settings/index.js file. Edit this to change default look of the app.

export default {
state: {
logo: '{templateName}',
locale: 'en-US',
isSidebarOpen: false,
isSupportChatOpen: false,
isMobileView: false,
isMobileMenuOpen: false,
isMenuCollapsed: false,
menuLayoutType: 'left', // left, top, nomenu
routerAnimation: 'slide-fadein-up', // none, slide-fadein-up, slide-fadein-right, fadein, zoom-fadein
menuColor: 'white', // white, dark, gray
theme: 'default', // default, dark
authPagesColor: 'white', // white, gray, image
primaryColor: '#4b7cf3',
leftMenuWidth: 256,
isMenuUnfixed: false,
isMenuShadow: false,
isTopbarFixed: false,
isGrayTopbar: false,
isContentMaxWidth: false,
isAppMaxWidth: false,
isGrayBackground: false,
isCardShadow: true,
isSquaredBorders: false,
isBorderless: false,

Dispatch Examples

this.$store.commit('SET_PRIMARY_COLOR', {
color: '#ff0000'
this.$store.commit('CHANGE_SETTING', {
setting: 'menuColor',
value: 'dark',